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Since 2005, SEMG is one of the leading electronic component manufacturers located in Baoan District, Shenzhen City, China, and has been specializing in designing, researching, developing, manufacturing,exporting and processing professional Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors,printing& Acoustic Fabrics as well as of PCBs, and becoming the most reliable and famous supplier in China.

SEMG Electrolytic Capacitors

We offer over 23 series 10 thousand various kinds of capacitors products and monthly output up to 2 millions pieces.

·      *General Purpose aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      * Low ESR & High Frequency aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      * Low Impedance &High Ripple aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      *Low ESR &Long load life aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      * High ripple &long load life aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      *snap-in aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

·      *SMD Capacitor

·      *Solid Capacitors

The capacitors we produced widely used for power supply and LED driver ,Ballast,Adaptet,SMPS,Home appliances etc. The annual output is more than 800million pieces.

SEMG is a ISO Certificated company ,the quality of us had pass ,RoHS ,Reach ,CE etc. And we can design the quality products as the customers needed !

SEMG Printing & Acoustic Fabrics

SEMG provides the high tension and low elongation of polyester mesh, with SGS and MSDS certificates, and apply to the high precise printing for the industries of printed circuit boards, touch panel, glass and textile, cellphones etc. And also providing the advanced acoustic fabrics, which widely used in the protection of acoustic devices, and perform well to meet customer's demand, with its accurate holes and air current control,  and its excellent stability to the different environment. 

SEMG PCB Fabrication:

SEMG produces the samples and small volume of High layer and rigid-flex pcb, and big volume of low techology PCB.

1) Manufacturing facilities in China for a total capacity of over 4.0 million ft2/month, building area: 500,000sq.ft, and typical PCB Equipment includes:Mitsubishi Laser Machines, Horizontal Copper plating, Horizontal Silver plating, Heavy Gold plating, Inner Finger beveling, and Automatic Appearance Inspection,etc.

2) Process Capability: Trace Width 3/3mil for volume production, 2/2mil for prototype, min.mechanical hole 0.15mm, min. laser via:0.1mm.

3) Broad product range with expertise in :

Prototype, medium and high volume production of single-side, 2L, 4L to max.28L.

Max. HDI capability (4+N+4) PCBs.

High frequency and high performance PCBs

Heavy copper PCBs (up to 12oz inner copper)

Aluminum-based PCBs

4)Certificates: ULNo.:E96016, ISO9000-, ISO/TS16949(Automative),

ISO13485 (Medical) -certified and Bellcore-compliant(Telecom).

5) Global support across different continents.

Other service: R&D of wireless modules

EMG is focusing on  researching and developing  wireless modules products, to be a WIFI, ZIGBEE, and Blue tooth solutions provider.


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