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2 Installation Precautions(1) Do Not Use The Capacitor That Has Been Energized On The Device. Except For Capacitors That Are Removed For Periodic Inspection During Electrical Inspection, They Cannot Be Used Again.(2) Even If The Capacitor Is Discharged, A Voltage (Re-Flash Voltage) May Be Generated Between The Terminals. In This Case, Discharge Through A 1kΩ Resistor.(3) The Leakage Current Of Capacitors Stored For More Than Half A Year May Increase. In This Case, Perform Voltage Processing With A 1kΩ Resistor.(4) After Confirming The Rated Value (Electrostatic Capacity And Voltage) Of The Capacitor, Install It.(5) After Confirming The Polarity Of The Capacitor, Install It.(6) Do Not Drop The Capacitor To The Ground. Do Not Use A Capacitor That Has Fallen Behind.(7) Do Not Deform The Capac...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 09
Rogers Corporation will be exhibiting at the upcoming Del Mar show May 4th and 5th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA.  Representatives from Rogers Corp. will be exhibiting at Booth #622, with information and insight on the use of their circuit materials, including 92ML™ laminates & prepregs, ULTRALAM 3850HT, CLTE-XT, and RO3003 laminates. Rogers will also be previewing its new material system developed for extremely low loss digital applications.92ML thermally enhanced laminates and prepregs are specifically engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of high p...
Date: 2016 - 05 - 03
Introduction: Product and Market OverviewPassive electronic components considered as specialty parts are high dollar, low volume products whose pricing is secondary to quality. These products have the highest operating margins and represent the smaller percentage of global passive component revenues, accounting for about 13% of global capacitor, resistor and inductor revenues in fiscal year 2015.In this MarketEYE article, we take a closer look at specialty passive components that are consumed in value-added and application specific market segments on a global basis. Such components are general...
Date: 2016 - 05 - 03
Introduction to Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors  Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are consumed in many of the key end products that drive the global high-technology economy and are used for bypass, decoupling, filtering and burst power on consumer, professional and mission critical circuits. Major end product markets include TV sets and home theatre equipment; desktop and notebook computers, automobiles, telecommunications infrastructure equipment, defense electronics, medical devices and power transmission and industrial device end-markets. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors represent a m...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 29
In capacitor research, much effort has been focused on development of high energy density devices. It’s easy to see why. The need for efficient, high-performance materials for electrical energy storage has been growing in parallel with the ever-increasing demand for electrical energy in mobile applications. Along the way dielectric capacitors, which comprise an insulating material sandwiched between two conducting metal plates, have become key components of portable electronics, computing systems and electric vehicles. One hurdle preventing even faster growth is that in contrast to batteries, ...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 29
Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors: Global Market Update  The global passive electronic component industry, which for the purposes of this article includes capacitors, linear and non-linear resistors and discrete inductors of all types and configurations, will account for approximately $25 billion US dollars in global revenues for FY 2016 (Fiscal Year ending March) with almost 3.45 trillion pieces shipped. This article takes a current view of the market for January 2016 and forecasts future industry related events.Global Market Developments in Passive ComponentsRAW MATERIAL PRICING UPDAT...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 29
Forecast changes in temperature requirements in defense and downhole pump electronics have challenged the capacitor industry to produce new products that can operate in exceedingly higher temperatures for longer time periods of time. For years the operating temperature and available capacitance values of competing high temperature dielectrics was limited to about 200 °C and picofarad levels of capacitance. There was also the added problem of limited volumetric efficiency of the capacitors being consumed. Therefore, the trend has been to increase the operating temperature of the capacitors...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 29
The fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, has proven to be an unusual economic year in the history of tracking the global capacitor, resistor and inductor markets worldwide. The market environment is succumbing to the impact of forces that are both internal and external to the supply chain and almost every company in the world selling electronic components took a beating in the markets in the last fiscal quarter, unless you were selling to specific manufacturers in China who in turn were building specific types of smartphones. The real crack in the armor came mid-March 2016 when a key industry ex...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 25
Taiwanese printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers operating in China have been adversely affected by the weak fundamentals of the global economy, a survey showed yesterday.The output of Taiwanese PCB companies operating at home and in China is projected at NT$517.5 billion (US$17.30 billion) for this year, no more than a 2.23 percent annual rise, according to the survey.The survey was conducted by the Taiwan Industrial Economics and Knowledge Research Center (IEK) and the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA).  The TPCA said the projected 2.23 percent growth in output represents a disap...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 25
PCB is irreplaceable in electronic products which make its vast space for downstream applications. Overall, the global PCB, mainly in the field of computer, communications, consumer electronics, there is a large-scale applications, the total market size of the three applications with 70% of PCB. In addition, PCB products are industrial, medical and military applications and other fields gradually widened.   Globally, PCB are positively related with the global economic development. PCB industry began to benefit from communications equipment, computers and other maj...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 25
Introduction to Microwave and Millimeter Wave Capacitor Markets    There are many specific sub-segments of the global ceramic capacitor market. It is possible to look at the market from the perspective of high voltage, high frequency, high temperature; or specific harsh environment component operation. Paumanok takes a granular approach to these segments because they are the most profitable, the most fragmented and the most difficult to understand, not only for those actively participating but especially for those mainstream ceramic capacitor manufacturers wishing to enter advan...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 20
The annual Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and exposition was held at the Long Beach (CA) Convention & Entertainment Center last month. As at the last few APECs, Wide Bandgap (WBG) materials GaN and SiC were the subject of many of the technical papers (by one count there were over 100 technical papers and presentations that referenced GaN) presented at the conference. By way of review, among the advantages WBG semiconductors have over Si in power electronics are lower losses for higher efficiency, higher switching frequencies, the ability to withstand higher operating temperatu...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 20
The three-month rolling averages of North American printed circuit board (PCB) and semiconductor sales continued their decline in January 2016, as electronics manufacturing services (EMS) sales remained flat. U.S. new orders for electronic equipment ticked up slightly in January after a dip in December reflecting the slowdown in the fourth quarter of 2015.U.S. new orders for electronic products tend to lead sales by one to two months. Another leading indicator is IPC’s PCB book-to-bill ratio, which normally leads sales by three to six months. Ratios were positive in the first 10 months of 2015...
Date: 2016 - 04 - 18
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