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Advantages of laser direct imaging

Date: 2014-09-11
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         By comparison between the film and the laser exposure, clearly shows the advantages of laser systems in quality, product tolerances, timely storage and price. From any one of the following factors are its advantages will be apparent in the cost of the product:


1) without the use of the photographic plate while removing the manufacturing and storage costs;

2) reducing the transfer of work between the printing and manufacture of printed circuit boards time, making the data an engineering department can begin to manufacture, prototype production time savings (reduced from film to laser lO h 3h) is very important;

3) use of flexible manufacturing line to meet a variety of production needs, and does not affect the yield;

4) data an engineering department will be able to begin production, shorten product delivery time.

Similarly, the quality improvement has the following advantages;

1) eliminating the film and printing defects;

2) In the laser imaging system, eliminating or reducing the influence of a controlled environment of temperature and moisture in the product. In addition to cost savings and quality improvements beyond, laser direct imaging there are many technical advantages, as detailed below:


1) Resolution: Because the laser spot diameter is small, so the laser direct imaging system improves the resolution, it is easy to achieve the performance 50μm. With the optimization method, the production of the resist in the 40μm

35μm fine line has become possible. With the future of laser direct imaging system further improvements could be achieved 25μm fine lines and spacing.

2) the degree of alignment: Sort by eliminating the problem often present in the photographic plate, especially with changes in temperature and humidity anisotropy photographic plate moves, the degree of alignment can be improved. Laser direct imaging system can be used on board a charge coupled device (CCD) camera system, a reference image and the target to arrange the printed panels, these can also be used to calculate the target position or movement position of the board is drilled in order to achieve an alignment of the improvement.

3) Tolerance: using laser direct imaging system to achieve a different tolerance level quality. In the ideal case, the drilling pattern to the conductive pattern to allow a misalignment from the industry standard is reduced to 0.1mm 0.03mm.

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