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Continental panel makers rise, Taiwan factory pressure Alexander

Date: 2014-09-11
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        When we mentioned panel manufacturing, will always be thought of in the flat panel display (FPD) and LCD technology known in Taiwan and South Korea, which has long dominated the field. Recently, however, the growth momentum in China panel makers demonstrated, is gradually narrowing the leading manufacturer of these panels competitive gap.

        Over the past several weeks, some of the headlines began to shift the focus from Asia to China, reported China is expanding sharply focused on the development and production of panel technology investment. For example, PPG Industries (PPG Industries) announced the mass production of glass fiber in China. The company announced that the company will work with South Schomburg plastic (NaYa) in Kunshan, China will become a joint venture fiberglass company (PFG Fiber Glass), work together to build a fourth seat furnace. The new furnace is expected to provide an additional 38,000 tons of annual capacity to cope with the continued expansion of the Asian electronics market.

        Beecham's general manager Li Jinfa glass fiber (CF Lee) said: "The printed circuit board industry in Asia continued high growth in South Asia, including plastics company has established resins, copper, glass fibers, laminates and printed circuit boards in Kunshan. such as vertical integration of the production line. now, through new capacity expansion, we will be more fully support the company's own business needs in this area, but also to meet the development needs of the entire electronics industry. "

        As news reports of this kind has caused Taiwanese manufacturers worry. Taiwan media reported that the rise of China mainland LCD panel manufacturers, panel suppliers in Taiwan poses a threat; Meanwhile, with local enterprises to upgrade their skills in order to defend its technological advantage, the gap between the two sides panel industry is gradually narrowing .

        In addition, for unfair competition and other business and technical outflow problem, but also Taiwan panel makers continued focus. For example, AU Optronics (AUO) recently against two former responsible for the development of advanced technology research and development director of institute told to leave. AUO said that two suspected leak left the company in charge of the development of trade secrets to their current office in mainland China Huaxing Electric Company (CSOT). Huaxing Electric is the second largest panel manufacturers in mainland China, but also the sole owner of the 8.5-generation panel plant industry.


        Huaxing Electric 8.5-generation panel plant with 2,400 ten thousand 32-inch TV panel production capacity; addition, the company expects to invest for the next generation active-matrix light-emitting diode (AMOLED) trial production of a new product line.

        For Taiwanese companies, if production needs, then transferred to the mainland, the risk may be higher. According to IEK data show that the third quarter of this year, Taiwan's flat panel display output value reached $ 12.5 billion, growing 12.5% over the previous quarter. IEK and Taiwan FPD production value estimated in the fourth quarter of this year will continue to grow 7.1 percent.

         In response to the rise of mainland panel plant competitive threat posed Taiwan panel makers solemn to be, more important is the need to find their own way in order to fight back.

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