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TPCA Show tomorrow to carry out 315 vendors participated

Date: 2014-09-11
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        13th International Exhibition of Taiwan PCB Ming (24) day debut three days in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, even the negative factors, such as the European debt crisis this year, shrouded still Xin Xing (3037), Southern Electric, Yaohua, Ka Luen Yick etc. 315 exhibitors, booths contrarian increased 7 percent compared with last year, highlighting the confidence of next year boom.

        Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) chairman Cheng-Hsiung Chen said Taiwan's PCB production value of the industry at home and abroad in the world and the first one, the estimated 2012 annual turnover of $ 62.75 billion, Taiwan's international exhibition circuit board contains the world's fastest PCB industry chain integration strength, has been ranked No. 2 in the world with exhibitions.

         TPCA pointed out that, in addition to flexible printed circuit board (FPC), hard board (Rigid PCB) and integrated circuit (IC) substrate plant competing to show their strength, made in Taiwan (Made in Taiwan) Tools Factory also exhibited the same stage , Taiwanese PCB PCB industry chain together to show the advanced technology to construct the world's electronic heart from Taiwan starting this year is estimated to attract more than 27,000 visitors at home and abroad professionals to visit.

        TPCA also the first time this year contributed nine Japanese companies to expand business opportunities in Taiwan, exhibition organized by the "Taiwan Japanese electronics industry will discuss" The first two days, and hold Taiwan, Japan and one matchmaking meeting.

        Cheng-Hsiung Chen pointed out that the day 9 Nissho will deliver a keynote speech, in addition to introduce the company's vision, technology, also expressed to Taiwan to seek technology transfer, manufacturing, marketing, and funding various cooperation projects, open platform, "any door" day opportunities .

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