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LED lighting to replace era?

Date: 2014-09-11
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        The first to be recognized by the common people and not recognized by the LED lighting, but LED TV. This has been kept in purdah "ladylike" because of expensive and lead to ordinary people only distance, but did not dare to "fondle Yan." Today, LED TVs have been aware of, LED lighting into the civilian market day be far behind?

        "Overall, the civilian market in the second half of this year there will be 10% -20% decline in space." Lighting on Haike Rui Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Manager Southern Region Zhu said in an interview with reporters. In addition, Deputy General Manager 林纪良 Linsen lighting in an interview, said: "The second half will definitely down prices throughout the year is expected to average fell 20 percent is normal." Overwhelmed by Philips, NVC, Everlight represented LED lighting price surges, no doubt caused widespread concern in the industry, but also caused a huge impact on the industry.

Accelerate the pace of the popularity of LED lighting

        From a global energy crisis and energy saving needs to see, LED lighting has become an irreversible trend. Demand from the domestic point of view, on the one hand, the state has in the "five" will be included in a special LED industry development plan, especially its integration into national subsidies, help open end consumer market; on the other hand, there have been new capital and large companies involved in LED lighting industry, further exacerbating the market competition. Secretary-General of China Illuminating Engineering Society Dou Linping think, according to the current momentum of this development, LED lighting in the next 3-5 years there will be an explosive growth.

        February 17, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other six ministries jointly issued the "semiconductor lighting energy industry planning," clearly the promotion of LED lighting energy industry output value of the average annual growth of around 30%, in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan, of which LED lighting applications 180 billion yuan. "Plan" shows: in 2010 the market share of general lighting products for 27.50%, the market share of traditional energy efficient lighting products for 72.3%, LED lighting products, but only 0.2%. The 2015 development goals are: general lighting market share dropped to 10% below traditional efficient lighting products stable at around 70%, LED lighting products share increased to over 20%.

        This means that LED lighting replaced the traditional lighting products market space will gradually be. To achieve LED lighting market share from 2010 to 2015 more than 0.2% of the 20% target we must accelerate the rate of adoption.

        "Prices will accelerate the speed of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting." Zhu Ying Chi Paje Lighting Co., Ltd., general manager of Shenzhen, said the price of LED lighting products, decided to replace speed.

        Analysis of the industry, and now LED lighting industry is undergoing a transition from the landscape, outdoors to indoors. In the Replace era, LED lighting will be the first to replace incandescent, energy saving lamps, halogen and the like.

        It is also seen this trend, Zhejiang Maile Si Lighting Co., Ltd. has made a call for "LED lighting to replace era leader" slogan, Maile Si Io, president pointed out that the full House, Maile Si LED with more than ten years R & D skill and integrity "patent chain", dedicated to LED Lighting Technology and Applications, lead and promote the process of LED lighting to replace era.

         In addition, the traditional lighting companies to increase efforts to promote LED lighting LED lighting popularity also makes the whole efficiency is improved. "Philips, NVC lighting Gangster level enterprise has a stable customer base, when these chiefs enterprise prices, will lead a group of original consumer use LED lighting, accelerating the pace of LED lighting to replace conventional lighting." Foshan City, nine Feng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Dan Yinghui says.

Small business survival is squeezed again

         Prices to accelerate the market penetration has an important role, but not difficult to find living space for SMEs will be squeezed again.

         Throughout the terminal circulation market, low-priced products occupy the mainstream, and these low-priced products often come from small and medium enterprises, and even artisanal manufacturers. "The price to be their core competencies." Shi Yinghui said that when they have brand awareness, technology and other enterprises to adjust the price of its LED lighting products, who rely on price to win the small business market is bound to lose. If these companies do not have their own characteristics will be faced with closure.

         Dan Yinghui the company to produce LED? T5 portfolio holder, LEDT8 fluorescent tube products, although the establishment of the time is not long, but because it focused on the field in the industry also famous. "A lot of the traditional big business distributors have to take our products, if these big companies are now reducing its LED product prices, we certainly influential." Shi Yinghui said that as the development of SMEs in order to obtain the fierce price competition you need to look for large enterprises neglected areas, such as our newly developed products, not only efficiency, look better, and cost-effective.

Price cuts will lead the industry price system

          Shiying Hui said: "LED lighting does not represent something of high interest, it is necessary to enter the family of ordinary people." Visible time the price will effectively lead the industry in price system.

          We saw in July, the mainland first-tier suppliers 7WLED bulb prices fell for Tsinghua Tongfang and NVC, respectively, compared with June fell 37.3%, 36%, the price of 49.5 yuan, 87.3 yuan, and this is increasing the price to a reasonable mark .

          "Gangster-class companies hold industry pricing, they adjust product prices is bound to become a reference for the same business, accelerate the development of prices to rationalize and cause changes in corporate sales policy." Shi Yinghui believes that some enterprises to meet the challenges , will take corresponding measures.

          "In terms of price, to grasp the trend, but to strengthen their position, can not swim." Shi Yinghui said. In this regard, general manager of Zhongshan City Lighting Co. 叶发林 send goods also expressed a similar view: "Now the industry big price adjustment, we also adjusted some Ceiling price, but our T5, T8 and bulb and other core products currently their price is firm stance. "

Price critical point soon emerged LED replacement tide

          "NVC is the industry benchmark, its price will also become the benchmark of the industry, his price adjustment means that many companies will follow." Bai Qi Guanbu lion Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Wenbin, director, said in an interview with reporters, enterprises with large-scale LED lighting will undoubtedly expand into industrial scale, thus speeding up the rate of adoption.

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