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2 Installation Precautions(1) Do Not Use The Capacitor That Has Been Energized On The Device. Except For Capacitors That Are Removed For Periodic Inspection During Electrical Inspection, They Cannot Be Used Again.(2) Even If The Capacitor Is Discharged, A Voltage (Re-Flash Voltage) May Be Generated Between The Terminals. In This Case, Discharge Through A 1kΩ Resistor.(3) The Leakage Current Of Capacitors Stored For More Than Half A Year May Increase. In This Case, Perform Voltage Processing With A 1kΩ Resistor.(4) After Confirming The Rated Value (Electrostatic Capacity And Voltage) Of The Capacitor, Install It.(5) After Confirming The Polarity Of The Capacitor, Install It.(6) Do Not Drop The Capacitor To The Ground. Do Not Use A Capacitor That Has Fallen Behind.(7) Do Not Deform The Capac...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 09
The first to be recognized by the common people and not recognized by the LED lighting, but LED TV. This has been kept in purdah "ladylike" because of expensive and lead to ordinary people only distance, but did not dare to "fondle Yan." Today, LED TVs have been aware of, LED lighting into the civilian market day be far behind?         "Overall, the civilian market in the second half of this year there will be 10% -20% decline in space." Lighting on Haike Rui Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Manager Southern ...
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
Automotive electronics market has become the new blue ocean printed circuit board (PCB) populations. Morgan Stanley Securities pointed out, PCB population of Tripod (3044) cut into the car successful electronic carrier board, the car ran out of the next three years with a PCB compound annual growth rate of 25% success, driven by profit trend upward, Ming, annual net income per share (EPS) will continue rising to 6.42,6.93 yuan.          Morgan Stanley said technology industry analyst Shi Xiaojuan, Tripod gradually improve in the car with PCB and PCB serv...
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
2012--2016 global industrial lighting will continue with 49% CAGR
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
July 18, 2013, "North American PCB Statistical Report (PCB) 7 month" Illinois Bannockburn -IPC- International Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® released the latest display, PCB sales in the military / aerospace growth rates continue to outpace other markets.          Although the United States cut the military budget, since January to May, PCB hard board cumulative sales in the military market, compared with the same period last year grew by 3.4%, while the PCB hard board but fell 9.1% in other markets . Year to date, fl...
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
With China now the top PC market worldwide, accounting for more than 21% of global shipments in 2012, slow February results And the likely impact on March are expected to lower first quarter global PC shipments by roughly 2% from recent forecasts, says International Data Corp. The slowdown is partially due to the timing of the Chinese New Year, but new budget cuts from the government, as well as anti-corruption measures, are slowing purchases more than expected, says the firm. March should recover somewhat in China, but not enough to offset the weak February results. Other monthly results indi...
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
The recently released 2013 IPC International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections marks a shift throughout the electronics industry: more cooperation And information sharing, the association says. Published biennially in CD format, the nearly 600-page guide to interconnect technology trends was developed with input from subject matter experts globally. The 2013 roadmap incorporates data And comparisons to help users serve clients And/or guide their companies in identifying, selecting And developing technology alternatives to create the products needed for future markets. One of t...
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
112th China Import And Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be organized in Guangzhou, China on October 15-19, 2012 (Phase 1) And October 31 – November 4, 2012 (Phase 3) in China Import And Export Fair Complex.
Date: 2014 - 09 - 11
Among The Electronic Components Used In The Whole Machine, Capacitors Are The Most Widely Used And The Largest Amount, Accounting For About 40% Of The Total Electronic Components, And Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Account For The Production Of Three Types Of Capacitors (Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors And Organic Film Capacitors). More Than 30%. The Current Economic Situation Has Brought Disadvantages To The Development Of The Industry.     According To The Sales And GDP Growth Of The Whole Capacitor Industry In China, It Is Not Difficult To Find That The Sales Of...
Date: 2019 - 05 - 09
Three anti-paint is a special formula of paint, used to protect the circuit board and its related equipment from the erosion of the environment. Three anti-paint has a good resistance to high and low temperature performance; its curing into a layer of transparent protective film, such as chemical substances (such as: fuel, coolant, etc.), vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity and high temperature Protect the circuit from damage. Under these conditions, the circuit board may be corroded, mold growth and short circuit, etc., with excellent insulation, moisture, leakage, dust, corrosion, anti...
Date: 2017 - 10 - 23
On the heels of a regional trade mission to Canada, Governor Larry Hogan has announced that a manufacturer of precision printed circuit boards will open a new manufacturing operation in Maryland. The Ontario, Canada-based CTI America Corp. expects to invest $10 million in the new facility and create at least 80 jobs. The company is working with the Maryland Department of Commerce to finalize a location for its new manufacturing site, which the company expects to have up and running within the next 12 months.“Maryland is the ideal U.S. location to expand our company, with its strong focus on in...
Date: 2017 - 10 - 12
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