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China PCB Industry Analysis 2013

Date: 2014-09-11
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        The financial crisis erupted in 2008, to make the world PCB (printed circuit board) industry felt the deep bone pain, in addition to the global development of mainland China PCB, PCB production value of other countries and regions are negative growth. 2008, $ 48.2 billion global PCB output value, China accounted for about 31 percent of global GDP, the output value reached 15 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 9.5%, the growth rate ranks first in the world, the prospects were bright. The following is an analysis of the PCB industry:

China's PCB Industry Overview

         China PCB industry investment analysis and depth research report statistics show that from 2000 to 2008, China PCB output value CAGR of 22.6% over the same period was 14.1 percent in Korea, Taiwan 5.9%, Japan -1.6%, -12.2% in North America, Europe -10%, the growth rate ranked first in the major regions of the world PCB production. By early 2009, a sharp decline in demand in the international market, the global electronic information industry to adjust the depth of the situation, the State Council recently issued the electronic information industry revitalization plan proposes to accelerate product upgrading electronic components, printed circuit boards to improve new product development capacity, the initial formation of a complete package, mutual support of the electronic components industry, to further improve the competitiveness of export products and maintain international market share goals and initiatives. Meanwhile, the government promised to increase financial investment, accelerate the introduction and implementation of fiscal support policies to expand domestic demand and promote the third generation mobile communication networks, next generation Internet, digital television network construction, the formation of more than 600 billion yuan investment scale and so on. Many favorable policies, the domestic PCB industry usher in a new round of development opportunities. Pavilions and industrial revitalization plan, the domestic part of the PCB enterprises not only with their own internal strength away from a fatal blow to the financial crisis, also entered a rapid and extraordinary development "opportunity."

         Chinese mainland epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) industry, has become the world's largest producing region, nearly six years in a row to keep more than 2 percent of the high growth rate, but by the global financial crisis, in 2008 less than 20% growth for the first time, 17.8%; 2009 may be negative growth of over 12 percent. However, under the Chinese Government is actively promoting, home appliances, 3G service initiatives such as road, you can still drive the 600 billion opportunity. In addition, the introduction of various industrial policies, both to the epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) to bring good news. China is expected epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) industry in the third quarter of 2009 may gradually pick up. China PCB annual output growth from 1990's 2.35 billion yuan to 116.2 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 25.35%. At the same time, raw materials, special equipment are sustained and rapid development. But it is undeniable, printed circuit electronics companies in the financial crisis has been no small impact. Three quarters of 2008, the development of domestic PCB industry is still very good, but in the fourth quarter by the financial turmoil, the situation worsened, a sudden reduction in orders. Recovery of funds extremely difficult, capital chain sudden problems, many companies operating rate suddenly dropped to 50%. In recent years, the output value of the printed circuit rose from $ 6 billion a year to $ 14 billion per year, total imports and exports increased from $ 6 billion a year to $ 16.3 billion annually. In the total global market of $ 50 billion in China accounted for $ 14 billion, of absolute dominance. In the rapid development of the situation, companies do not have extra time to examine its own technical problems, which is not conducive to long-term development. Current situation and future development of China's PCB industry investment forecast report statistics show that foreign R & D 80% from business, and a great investment. China's R & D 80% comes from the Institute, which is a structural gap. China printed circuits, electronic circuit just big, but very weak third output by one tenth of foreign produce. Fresh domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property rights.

PCB industry competitive analysis

          At present, the global PCB industry output accounted for a quarter of GDP over the electronic components industry is the various electronic components industry segments in the largest proportion of the industry, production value reached $ 40 billion. Also, because of its unique position in the electronic-based industries, as well as contemporary electronic components industry, the most active industries, the proportion of the entire printed circuit board electronic components showing increasing trend in output, because the adjustment of product structure with the machine, printed circuit board area required for a single final product, although gradually reduced, but because of the accuracy and increase complexity, PCB value of the proportion of the cost of the machine but increased, is the main pillar of the electronic components industry development . In the electronic components industry, the production scale of PCB industry only in the semiconductor industry, with the continuous expansion of PCB applications, and its importance is still further improved.

Status of China PCB Industry Analysis

          From a statistical point of view, PCB industry is very prosperous, but actually encountered more difficulties. On the one hand, the transfer of industry to create prosperity in the developed countries, the level of upgrade; other side of the stage after reaching the apex, bringing development issues appeared, advancing space constraints, labor, utilities, environmental and other capital are no longer cheap. Electronic products into the era of meager profit, the price war has changed the supply chain, Asian countries, China both cost and market advantages. PCB industry because of the cost and downstream industries affected by the transfer, is gradually transferred to China.

        Chinese growth trend analysis: the demand of downstream products to promote the development of the industry itself, industrial transfer from developed countries to China, but the Chinese government for consideration to environmental protection, limiting four layers below the low-end products, encourage the HDI and other high-end products, These factors work together to promote the PCB to high-end product development.

China PCB output value analysis

         Electronic circuit industry in the world after the 2000-2002 recession, in 2003 there has been full recovery. China printed circuit board (PCB) industry status quo and future development trend analysis report figures show that the world's total output value in 2002 was $ 31.6 billion PCB, 2003 was $ 34.5 billion, an increase of 9.18%, wherein the flexible plate, rigid plates accounted for 15%. And in 2004 remained the momentum, industry analysts believe that the development of the whole world of electronic circuits, especially in Asia and China's development ushered in a new peak, and this peak will last until 2010.

         Global output of printed circuit board products will be increased to approximately $ 53.7 billion in the period 2006-2010 to about $ 42 billion, with an average compound annual growth rate of about 6.3 percent.

         Transfer of industry achievements China PCB industry big country, the most important driving force comes from both the cost and application industry chain.

          In terms of cost advantage, China has a huge advantage in terms of labor, land, utilities, resources and policies, although still need to import the main raw material, but to replace imported products is gradually increasing.

          Downstream industry is flourishing in China, the global machine manufacturing shift to China, providing a huge market demand for space. Is a variety of electronic products mainly related products, electronic products industry chain related to all aspects, whether it is consumer appliances and industrial machine, such as computers, communications equipment, automotive, and defense industries are inseparable PCB.

          PCB industry analysts pointed out that China due to the relatively low concentration of land and labor costs of the downstream industry has become the most powerful regional development momentum. Our first time surpassed the United States in 2003 to become the world's second largest PCB producer, the proportion of output has increased from 8.54% in 2000 to 15.30 percent, raised nearly 1 times. 2006 China has replaced Japan as the world's largest PCB production base value, much higher than the global industry growth rate. 2000-2006 years and PCB market average of 20% annual growth rate, far more than in other major producing countries. Looking to the future, in foreign countries competing overweight expansion, the estimated 2007 years and PCB market is expected to grow 17 percent global market share over 25%.

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