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Date: 2014-09-11
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         Home Theater Personal Computer HTPC is the abbreviation, is the "home theater PC" means. Simply put, it is a special emphasis on PC multimedia functionality. Exactly say, is to act as a signal source and a computer-controlled home theater, which is a pre-loaded with a variety of multimedia decoding playback software can be used to play a variety of audio and video media correspondence, and has a variety of interfaces, can be used with a variety of display devices such as televisions, projectors, plasma displays, audio decoder, audio amplifiers and other digital audio devices connected using PC.


         Click on image to open in a new window to view a nutshell, it is the equivalent of a conventional home theater DVD player, acting as playing the role of DVD, VCD, HDTV and other formats of the signal source. That someone may ask, if there was a DVD player, and also HTPC doing here? It should be said of anything from the birth and development to a certain stage, are likely to be faced by another better things to replace dangerous, but with the changes in the development of the modern home theater building and changing patterns of modern life, DVD player model for There is a growing demand for a wide range of audio and video become less able to meet, but was able to HTPC from quality, sound quality, integrated processing capabilities and expanded upgrades greatly superior to the DVD player, so I think in large part HTPC has become the new darling of the future to build a home theater. But then again, despite the HTPC has a great advantage, but after all, it's subject is a computer, a generation of people to the traditional operability is even a bit tedious and difficult, and therefore need to choose according to their needs.


          The traditional home theater, DVD player that is centered on home theater, is the signal source (DVD, LD), AV amplifier, speakers (5.1-7.1), display devices (TV, projector, PDP) consisting of sources that the DVD player, the main function is to carry audio and video information on a DVD disc reading, decoding, and then outputs to the audio output device, and video output devices, the former including amplifiers / audio decoder and multi-channel speakers The latter includes a wide variety of televisions and projectors.

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